Vetel Diagnostics Artificially Intelligent Software Provides Automatic Measurements and Reporting for Norberg Hip Angle

San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel Group of companies continues to develop new diagnostic software for the technological advancement of veterinarians everywhere. Exclusively from Vetel comes the automatic measurement and reporting of the canine Norberg Hip Angle (NHA). The NHA is the angle between the center of the head of the femur and the edge of the acetabulum measured in canine hip joints. The measurement of this angle provides a metric of the depth of the [...]


Podcast: Artificial Intelligence with Metron developer Dr. John Craig.

53 – Neural Networks and Veterinary Imaging In This Episode Veterinary software and tools are typically capable of a lot more than what they are used for day-to-day, but it’s an unfortunate fact that many veterinarians simply do not have the time to invest in learning how to use them more fully. Can artificial intelligence be the answer in helping veterinarians do more with their tools? This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan are joined by John Craig, the [...]


Never have to do a Vertebral Heart Score measurement by hand again.

Vertebral Heart Score (VHS) for Companion Animals is now automated! Our canine VHS has been independently verified by Dr. Sonya Gordon and the cardiology team at Texas A&M. In this study, the VHS measurements made by human experts for over 1000 dogs were compared with the measurement made by our AI, and the average difference was 3.3% which might be considered a statistical match.   See it in action: Our AI / Neural Network software platform is available in both a Cloud based application and also a version embedded in our Metron [...]