What is intelligent imaging?

Veterinary Medicine’s only neural network enabled software, Metron 8 is the smartest software available.

Neural network enhanced image labeling, orientation and mark-up with measurement

Automatic Vertebral Heart Score, Norberg Hip Angle & equine hoof mark up with neural network performed mark up,  measurement and scoring

You’ve never seen anything like it!

It is imaging made

Anatomy Aware

Exclusive utilization of bioinformatics and neural coding to instantly recognize and process images

Automatic Orientation

Metron 8 with Intellect™ is Anatomy Aware™, meaning it instantly recognizes, orients and crops radiographs to be viewed by the veterinarian.

Automatic Identification

Through bioinformatics and neural coding, Metron 8 with Intellect™ accurately identifies the anatomy in an image.

Automatic Labeling

Images are automatically labeled and precisely measured.

Lumina IQ

Lumina IQ™ Intelligent Adaptive Image Processing

Unparalleled Image Quality

No software offers such sophisticated viewing detail.

Precision Automated Mark Up

Reach new levels of precision and efficiency with Metron Intellect™ automated mark-up

Precision™ Automated Mark up for:

Vertebral Heart Score

Norberg Hip Angle



CPLO – Coming soon

Equine Foot Measurements and report

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