Helping you practice to the best of your ability.

There are four ways that Vetel helps you stay ahead of the pack.

We repair.

Did your digital radiography provider leave you without service or support? We can help! We offer repair services for any digital radiography system, even if you didn’t buy it from us. You shouldn’t feel pressured into buying a new digital radiography system if your current system can be restored to serve you. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to make sure your reliable old DR system continues to work for you.

We teach.

We don’t just offer sales pitches. At Vetel, we’ve been pioneers of the Continuing Education Circuit since 1999. This practice is based on our interest in helping you become the most informed, and most highly effective veterinarian possible. We believe that the secret to helping you take advantage of our imaging and diagnostic equipment is based on your level of understanding of how and why it’s a good fit for your needs. That’s why Vetel speaks to veterinarians all over the country about how our solutions help you avoid downtime in your practice.

We're informed.

Unlike companies who have software with “end of life” triggers secretly embedded in them, we don’t believe in forcing you to buy new equipment that you don’t need. That’s why Vetel will always work with your existing equipment, as long as you’re happy. We also believe in innovating new products for veterinarians who want to stay ahead of the technology curve. That’s why Vetel has pioneered so many innovative products that you’ve come to trust in your daily routine.

We offer customized advice.

We don’t just offer lectures on stage. We believe that the various situations you face often require a customized approach. We’re here to offer that custom advice, based on your unique challenges. Over the years, Vetel has made it our mission to help you avoid the words “I don’t know.” We want you to see the full picture. Having encountered a wide variety of medical challenges, we understand how important it is to have an advisor you can count on. We’re happy to offer veterinarians like you advice on a regular basis, so that you can avoid doubt and remain confident in your clinical skills.

Why Vetel? SERVICE. Vetel gets you help right away, and good help. They will take the time to talk you through anything. Their images match the quality of anyone’s quality, but the service they provide sets them apart. The open architecture system also allows you to make your system whatever you want it to be.

Dr. Tracy TurnerTurner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery, Big Lake, MN

Everything works well, and the tech support is awesome. We probably don’t even use it to its full potential.

Dr. Elizabeth BoosBelle Fourche Veterinary Clinic, Belle Fourche, SD

Customer service is worth a whole lot, but most people won’t know about Vetel’s great service until they have a problem. If you have questions or are confused, there’s someone there for you.

Dr. Wally LibermanPanorama Equine, Redding, CA

Thank you so much for your help and assistance this past month especially but also this past year in calibrating our Vetel systems and finding more user friendly settings. Additionally I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail when troubleshooting for us. When our systems are down it represents a loss of income and causes large amounts of stress and as we all know a stressed out veterinarian is nothing short of WWII! With your prompt responses, sense of humor and compassion for what you do makes dealing with a computer glitch so much easier!

On behalf of myself and everyone at Country View Equine Clinic thank you again for all you have done for our clinic!

Ashley, CVTCountry View Equine Clinic, Oregon, WI