How to make an Ultrasound Phantom

A DIY Ultrasound Phantom Video Guide

Do you want to test the functions of your new ultrasound system?

Practice your image technique from the comfort of your own home?

Maybe you are mentoring a student in ultrasound techniques and need a clever, easy, low-cost tool to support your instruction.

A DIY ultrasound phantom is a great solution to all of those problems and others.

It’s easy to make, easy to use, and most ingredients in the recipe you can find in your kitchen.

Ultrasound phantoms are made of tissue mimicking material. The ultrasonic print of this material allows the user to receive very similar results and feedback when using them as they would with a true patient. Whether you’re getting familiar with your new ultrasound or perfecting your technique, using a phantom is an easy way to add a level of realism and maximize your efficacy to your continued practice.

Watch our video below on how to make your own phantom. Then post your creation on Facebook and use @VetelDiagnostics to get featured on our page!

Remember to be creative and have fun!