AI Image Processing For Veterinarians

Are you a veterinarian struggling to find a balance between back-to-back exams and complex cases?

When conducting radiographic studies, adding tedious manual processes to a stacked schedule can be frustrating and stall the diagnostics process.

Vetel’s digital radiography systems utilize cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence software grounded in evidence-based practices to simplify your diagnostic process.

Taught from a database of thousands of real patient studies, our intelligent networks are meticulously engineered to analyze and identify significant morphological deviations with 99.8% accuracy.

Vetel digital radiography systems can generate automatic measurements and concise PDF reports summarizing key aspects of patient morphology to inform and simplify your diagnostic process. These reports also offer a valuable service to clients who are interested in the finer details regarding their pet’s health.

Transform your workflow, boost your client reputation, and achieve faster diagnoses.

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It’s time to simplify your path to diagnostic excellence and bring balance back to your day.


Companion Animal Measurements And Reports

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