Vetel Diagnostics partners with PXI Medical to continue to offer customers Poskom portable x-ray generators and servicing

San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics announces partnership with newly established PXI Medical. Following the closure of United Radiology Systems, Inc. (URS, Inc), PXI Medical will continue to supply and service Poskom portable generators to the U.S. and Canada in partnership with Vetel.

This spring, the owner of URS, Inc., John Lee, retired after a successful 28 years representing Poskom North America. Following his retirement, the former Executive V.P. of URS, Inc., Eugene Lee has established PXI Medical to continue to excellently represent Poskom North America.

Vetel Diagnostics had a mutually beneficial and longstanding relationship with URS, Inc. We thank John for his partnership and service over the years and wish him a peaceful retirement.

Eugene Lee has been an asset to Vetel and its customers as Executive V.P. at URS, Inc., and Vetel looks forward to continuing to offer its U.S. and Canadian customers Poskom x-ray generators and servicing in partnership with PXI Medical.

While Vetel continues to offer customers x-ray generator services through the Vetel tech service line (800-458-8890), PXI Medical’s new contact information is as follows:

PXI Medical (formerly URS, Inc./POSKOM America)
3392 Commercial Ave. Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 847-971-1999
Email: sales@poskomamerica.com

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