A New Vetel Premium Product Debuts: The Enduro Rugged UHD

San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel has officially released the Enduro Rugged UHD (Ultra High-Definition) digital radiography system and it breaks ground as an industry first. Designed with the equine practitioner in mind, the first 100% rugged, 100% intelligent Enduro Rugged UHD is a distinctive addition to Vetel’s premier line of veterinary diagnostic products.

After 25+ years of providing leading equine products and technologies to veterinarians, Vetel understands the needs of the equine practitioner.

Vetel has designed the perfect DR system suited for any situation the equine vet can encounter. Equipped with an 8-hour battery life and drop-tested at over 1 meter, this new panel can withstand the bumps and blips that can happen throughout the day without missing a beat. Wireless and weighing under 10lbs for the complete system, imaging from anywhere has never been more accessible.

Prioritizing image clarity and durability in its design, the Enduro Rugged UHD’s panel was built with the highest specifications available. Boasting a pixel pitch of 100 um & an MTF at 1.0 LP/mm, this panel provides the cleanest image capture currently possible. Its strong but sophisticated flexible scintillator CsI panel technology allows for ultimate durability. This panel combined with a reinforced military-spec laptop makes the Enduro Rugged UHD the only 100% rugged, intelligent, & high-definition digital radiography system available on the market.

The Enduro Rugged UHD runs on Metron 8 Intellect Module, the image acquisition, and PACS software powered by an evidence-based artificially intelligent neural network. Metron 8 is a no-contract, no-subscription software designed to save a veterinarian precious time in their day while assisting to eliminate the margin of human error in its automation and reporting processes.

Vetel’s core mission is to offer the most advanced technology to everyday veterinary practices. This debut to Vetel product line is one of the most anticipated additions to the next generation of Vetel diagnostic modalities powered by evidence-based neural networks. Providing true AI & non-biased analytical diagnostic services you and your clients can trust – Welcome to Generation Smart TM.

Click here to view the Enduro Rugged UHD product page.

About Vetel Diagnostics

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