Vetel Diagnostics Debuts Lumina III™ the Most Powerful Image Processing Technology to Date


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San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel Group of companies are not afraid to break barriers and improve veterinary imaging technology. The most recent innovation is the release of Lumina III™ radiographic image processing technology.

Lumina III™ is the latest image processing technology used by Metron™, the image acquisition and PACS software for Vetel’s Enduro HD and Ruggedized Digital Radiography line. In previous versions, Lumina™ has always been the most modern image processing available on the market. Its progressive multiwavelet filtration technology generates a grain-less image that has refined tissue borders with exceptional image contrast and spatial resolution. All images are “lossless”, producing complete image fidelity without sacrificing any details in the patient’s anatomy.

The latest version of this technology, Lumina III™, enhanced even further the strengths of previous versions, and in its development addressed a common imaging challenge. Capturing deep or dense tissues sometimes results in “bloom artifacts”; areas of an image that appear blurry or over-exposed. Lumina III™ has newly designed algorithms that allow for superior detail and image quality of these challenging radiographic areas.

Thanks to Lumina III™ and Metron, the standards for image quality and diagnostic efficiency are at an all-time high for veterinarians. Struggles with interpreting diagnostic detail in subjects such as fat dog abdomens or equine caudal-cranial stifles are a thing of the past.

Vetel is extremely pleased with the newest evolution of Lumina™ and is happy to be able to offer customers the most advanced imaging processing technology possible. Consulting veterinarian Dr. Mark Akin offered these comments after comparing images processed with Lumina III, “Since updating my Metron Software to Lumina III, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in all radiographs, specifically my stifle PA’s.  I couldn’t be more pleased with Metron, Lumina III, and the entire Vetel stable of imaging technologies.

About Vetel Diagnostics

Born from the need to bring quality and value to veterinary diagnostics, Vetel maintains a perpetual drive to harness the digital world for the veterinarian. Combining the state of the art in imaging technology with the Metron™ AI-enhanced software platform, and dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support, Vetel delivers simplicity, reliability, and precision to the daily lives of the veterinary practitioner. For full product offerings, click here.

Please click the images below to enlarge and see for yourself just a few examples of the power of Lumina III™