DR Accessories

Vetel carries a whole portfolio of DR accessories.

Podoblock Accessories

Vetel carries the complete line of Podoblock DR accessories including the DR-Cowboybox and DR-Combibox which are available for all DR panels.

Metron Block

The Metron Block is used for radiographs and photographs of the equine hoof.  If you are concerned about having the most accurate measurements in Metron, you should be using the block.  If you use the Intellect Module for Metron, you must use the block.

Metron Hardware Kit

Get everything you need for easy image calibration in Metron in one place!

The Hardware Kit contains:

2 Metron Blocks
1 EponaCam with Light and Charger
1 Background Board with Illustrated Instructions
1 Auto-Scaler with Base for scaling Radiographic as well as Photographic Images
3 Finger-Rings (sm/med/lg) with 2 slide-in Metal Finger Scales
1 Carrying Case

“Background Board” is card stock that is held behind the hoof when taking photos
to produce a clean image without background clutter.


The Metron Auto-Scaler is used for scaling radiographs as well as photographs. Place it in the image in the “Plane of Interest”, points within the scaler will be captured in the image and Metron can automatically locate them and calibrate the image.


Use your smart phone as a hoof camera for perfect hoof photos.

EponaCam is an app along with a hardware cradle that converts any smart phone into a ‘Hoof Camera.’ EponaCam works with the Metron Block to ensure that a perfect image of the hoof is captured for later analysis. The app (available for both Android and iPhone) sends images (through a wifi connection) directly to Metron software which runs on a nearby PC or tablet. EponaCam is ‘ease of use’ – the image uploads to the Metron software where it is automatically recognized, calibrated, and measured.

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