Dental Generator

For precise, clean and straightforward dental imaging, Vetel Diagnostics provides the Envision Portable Generator and our Envision dental digital sensor. Elegant, ergonomic and highly reliable, this system produces uncompromised image quality without causing stress or discomfort to the patient. Combined with our Metron dental software, the Envision generator and Envision sensor provide comprehensive, high-performance dental DR.


For superior image quality in a wall mount generator, we offer the Image-Vet DC, a unit that produces consistently vivid images while using up to 25 percent less dose than conventional AC generators. Designed specifically for veterinarians, the Image-Vet DC provides easy positioning in a small, space-saving footprint and includes an easy-to-use control panel for improved workflow.



Envision Portable Dental Generator

  • FDA approved
  • Wireless-camera type
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Graphic LCD – high quality
  • Lightweight: <6 lbs Envision Dental Sensor
  • Intra-oral sensors
  • Ergonomic corners
  • Plugs directly into PC
  • High resolution
  • Sealed cord provides protection against fluids
  • Vertical bitewings provide robust strain relief



Image-Vet DC Wall Mount Generator

  • 0.44 mm focal point for high resolution sharpness
  • Remote switch capable
  • Precise positioning for minimum stress to patient
  • Intuitive control panel
  • State-of-the-art, space-saving design

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