Anatomy of a Perfect Image: 3 Important Components of Image Quality

What affects image quality in flat panel detectors? 1. Pixel Pitch Optimize the pixel pitch! (Remember, Pixel pitch describes the diameter of round pixels or the distance between dots <pixels> on a display screen. In digital radiography, the optimum pixel pitch is between 100-150 microns). A pixel pitch that is too small will give you blurred edge detail in the image anatomy, and also require a higher dose x-rays. A pixel pitch that is too high will produce a grainy image with poor spatial resolution [...]


5 Tips for Great X-Rays

5 Tips for Great X-rays by Dr. Wallace Liberman of Panorama Equine in Redding, California. You must be a good radiographer.  Do not assume that digital radiography will automatically help you shoot better radiographs. Learn the art and practice! Post processing of the image will not always improve the image to what it should be. Thoroughly learn the system’s robust software to maximize the quality of the image. The ability to manipulate the image can help discern soft tissue problems or radio density [...]


Anatomy of a Perfect Image: Pixels and Bits

Pixels – Dot Size What is a pixel? You’ve probably heard the term before, and generally know that pixels make up an image. Did you know “pixel” is short for “picture element”? In digital radiography, pixels come into play at both the front and back end. First the device (your DR panel) uses pixels to capture the image created by radiation from the x-ray generator. On the back end, the pixels come into play with how the picture is viewed [...]