EQultrasound device in use

Vetel Diagnostics and EQ Veterinary Providing Revolutionary Treatment for Equine Musculoskeletal Conditions

San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel group of companies continue their evolution in providing the best physical therapy modalities for treating equine injuries. Partnering with EQ Veterinary, Vetel now offers low-frequency therapeutic ultrasound devices specifically designed to treat equine athletes. Vetel Diagnostics has been committed to offering the veterinary industry the most efficient and precise equipment since 1999. Providing a full range of diagnostic modalities including top-rated Digital Radiography systems, Vetel is also in the business [...]

NeoVet Shockwave Therapy

Announcing partnership between Vetel Diagnostics and Nucleus, source of the NeoVet Shock Wave System

San Luis Obispo, California – Dedicated to equine health and wellness, Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel Group of Companies announce their recent partnership with Nucleus. Leading innovators of the first shock wave therapy technology designed specifically for equine veterinarians. Understanding the needs of veterinary practitioners and their patients has been a priority of Vetel Diagnostics since 1999. Vetel’s therapeutic product offerings are advancing again with the addition of Nucleus’s NeoVet shock wave equine therapy system. The NeoVET 2.0 is the [...]

Equipulse wings

Vetel and Magnus Magnetica Partner to Provide Cutting-Edge Electromagnetic Physical Therapy to More Equine Veterinarians

San Luis Obispo, California – Devoted to serving the health needs of animals, Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel Group of Companies announce their partnership with Magnus Magnetica LLC, an internationally recognized provider of the EquiPulse® line of pulsed electro-magnetic therapy devices (PEMF). Since 1999 Vetel has offered a complete variety of diagnostic imaging modalities for today’s veterinarians. With an expanding product offering that includes superior radiographic systems, thermography cameras, and ultrasound systems Vetel is excited to announce the expansion of [...]

NeedleView Needles 10 deg

Vetel Partners with Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy

San Luis Obispo, California – Leaders in innovation and diagnostic excellence, Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel Group of Companies announce their partnership with Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy LLC, inventors of the NeedleView™ micro-arthroscopy system. Vetel has been an industry innovator for 20 years, selling diagnostic modalities such as digital radiography, ultrasound, thermal imaging, and endoscopy products. Vetel’s Metron™ software allows for the entirety of a veterinarian’s imaging library to be easily accessed via a centralized PACS database. The inclusion of Biovision’s [...]


Endoscopy Essentials: Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Techniques, Part 2

As originally published in Today’s Veterinary Practice,” March/April 2015 (Volume 5, Number 2) Julie Callahan Clark, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM University of Pennsylvania Welcome to our newest column in Today’s Veterinary Practice—Endoscopy Essentials. Similar to our Imaging Essentials column, which addresses radiography by anatomic location, each article in this column will discuss endoscopic evaluation of a specifi c body system, reviewing indications, disease abnormalities, and proper endoscopic technique. The Endoscopy Essentials articles are archived at  Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (UGIE) is a minimally invasive procedure that can: Aid [...]


Endoscopy Essentials: Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Series. Part 1: Overview of Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

As originally published in Today’s Veterinary Practice,” July/August 2016 (Volume 6, Number 4) Patrick S. Moyle, DVM, and Alex Gallagher, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM University of Florida Welcome to Endoscopy Essentials, a column that discusses endoscopic evaluation of specific body systems, reviewing indications, disease abnormalities, and proper endoscopic techniques. Visit tvpjournal.com to read the first three Endoscopy Essentials articles: Overview of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (November/December 2014) Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Techniques (March/April 2015) Endoscopic Foreign Body Retrieval (November/December 2015). Lower gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic technique that allows the clinician [...]


Artificial Intelligence – Why should veterinarians care?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change the world of medicine. But how? And how will it affect the practice of veterinary medicine? Deep learning is a type of AI in sophisticated software that utilizes neural networks, sometimes referred to as bioinformatics. When applied to diagnostic imaging, deep learning works by analyzing a bank of images to “learn” parts of the anatomy and judge what is considered “normal.” The more images the computer is given, the more precise its understanding becomes. Once [...]


Practical Dentistry: Periodontal Disease: Utilizing Current Information to Improve Client Compliance

As originally published in “Today’s Veterinary Practice,” March/April 2012 (Volume 2, Number 2) Brook A. Niemiec, DVM, FAVD, Diplomate AVDC Periodontal disease is the number one health problem in small animal patients. This is the fourth article in the Practical Dentistry series, which is focused on teaching veterinary professionals how to provide high-quality dental care to patients as well as communicate with clients in order to help them understand why this care is so important for their pets. The first three articles [...]


Practical Dentistry: Dental Radiology Series Techniques for Intraoral Radiology

As originally published in “Today’s Veterinary Practice,” Sept/Oct 2015 (Volume 5, Number 5) Brook A. Niemiec, DVM, FAVD, Diplomate AVDC & EVDC  Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties, San Diego, California Exposing diagnostic dental images can be frustrating for the novice; however, with a small amount of training and practice, it can be mastered. This article is a brief introduction to exposure techniques for intraoral radiology. Further training via hands-on laboratories is an excellent investment and can greatly improve the learning curve. STEP [...]


Practical Dental Series: Practice Building – Dental Services: Good Medicine for Patients & Practices

As originally published in “Today’s Veterinary Practice,” Sept/Oct 2011 (Volume 1, Number 2) Brook A. Niemiec, DVM, FAVD, Diplomate AVDC This is the first article in our Practical Dentistry series, which will present various ways of increasing revenue through offering dental services in the general veterinary practice. This series will present techniques and procedures that require minimal expense, effort, and training, yet have proven to be invaluable in many practices (general and referral). All of the information and procedures discussed promote good [...]