R.A.C.E. approved

Presenters:  Tracy Turner, DVM MS,

Kenneth Marcella, DVM,

Kimberly Henneman, DVM, DACVSMR, FAAVA

Our online thermal imaging education is open to veterinarians, trainers, farriers, and private owners who wish to expand their education in the applications of veterinary thermography.  This course encompasses proper techniques for clear and concise thermographic exams, review case studies, and uncover assorted artifacts you may encounter during an exam. Upon successful completion of this course participants will have a working knowledge of proper patient positioning, the management of artifacts, the normal thermographic patient presentation, disease entities and applications where thermal imaging is best utilized, and also integration with other diagnostic modalities.

This program is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 13.50 CE Credits.

Board Certified experts in Veterinary thermography will present course material in the following areas:

TH‐01 Thermography ‐ Introduction and Safety Around Animals

TH‐02 Thermography ‐ Artifacts, Environmental Concerns & Physiology

TH‐03 Performing the Normal Equine Thermographic Examination

TH‐04 Thermography of the Equine Limbs: the foot, joints, tendons and ligaments

TH‐05 Thermography of Back Pain in Horses

TH‐06 Thermography in Equine Practice

TH‐07 Thermography ‐ Selected Equine Case Presentations

TH‐08 Thermal Imaging and Equine Rehabilitation

TH‐09 Thermography and Small Animal

TH‐10 Thermal Companion Animal Case Studies

TH‐11 Thermal Imaging and Companion Animal Rehab

TH‐12 Thermography applications in Exotic Animals

TH‐13 Current Thermal Imaging Research in Wildlife

TH‐14 Thermography Mac Facts

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Small Animal

Ultrasound Course

R.A.C.E. approved


Brian Poteet, MS, DVM, DACVR, DABSNM

Vetel’s Online Ultrasound Educational Series provides you a terrific learning experience that you can take at your own pace. Dr. Poteet offers an 11-part series of lecture and clinical cases encompassing every aspect of veterinary ultrasonography. Vetel’s on line education allows you unlimited access to the course materials. Repeat modules as often as you like. Share course access to the other members of your practice so your entire clinical team benefits. Course participants tell us the course design is better than any other when it comes to a quality educational experience that leaves the user confident in their ability to effectively utilize ultrasonography in their practice.

This program is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 7.50 CE Credits.

01 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Introduction and Physics

02 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Artifacts

03 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Hepatobiliary System

04 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Gallbladder

05 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Spleen

06 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Reproductive Organs

07 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Glands, Pancreas and Lymph Nodes

08 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Gastrointestinal

09 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Kidneys

10 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Urinary Bladder

11 – Veterinary Ultrasound – Peritoneal Space and Other

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