Echo IQ Wireless Ultrasound

Echo IQ:  The ultimate in wireless mobile hand held ultrasound

 An ultrasound device you can easily carry with you everywhere you need.  Compact design, but excellent imaging quality.  One probe unit handles various applications just by changing a probe head.

  • Patented detachable probe head and main unit
  • 160g total weight
  • Water resistant
  • Fits in the palm of a hand
  • High-definition images
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices (Tablet not included)
  • Powerful battery for 4 hours of continuous use

Features of Echo IQ Wireless Ultrasound:

Platform:    Android, Windows, IOS

Connection Type:    2.4G/5G 802.11b/g WiFi &USB

Supporting devices:    Android tablet or smart phone, Windows PC, IPhone and IPAD.

Probe heads:    All types of detachable transducers supported.

Modes:    B, M, 2B, THI, Color, Power, PW (only color Doppler version have Color, Power, PW)

Gray level:     256

Transducer Frequency:    2-11 MHz

Max scanning Depth:    310mm

Digital Technology:    Wide-angle imaging;   Panoramic focusing technology;   Frequency compounding;    Space compounding;  Rolling M technology;  Real-time Dynamic Aperture;  Tissue Harmonic Imaging; Tissue Specific Imaging

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