Partnership between Vetel Diagnostics and We See You Solutions Inc provides ultrasonographic education to veterinarians

San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel group of companies has provided veterinarians with the equipment and resources they need to succeed for over two decades now. With our new partnership with We See You Solutions Inc, Vetel now offers remote ultrasound training with professional sonographers all over the world.

An industry pioneer in tele-medicine and consultation, We See You Solutions Inc offers affordable, real-time ultrasound training to veterinarians anytime and anywhere. Veterinarians have the chance to learn in their own clinical surroundings using any model ultrasound system with assisted teaching and consultation from professional sonographers.

We See You Solutions ultrasound training is always one-on-one with real-time instruction based on simultaneous live-feed of ultrasound imaging and interactive video. Lessons include clinical diagnostic identification as well as knobology of ultrasound equipment, giving veterinarians the confidence they need to apply the teachings to their practice.

Vetel’s affiliation with We See You Solutions is adding to their existing offering of their own online R.A.C.E. accredited ultrasound courses, combining to offer the most comprehensive training and education offering in the veterinary market. As part of the introduction of this partnership Vetel is offering a special promotion with their Sonobook 8 and Sonobook 9 ultrasound systems featuring unlimited real time consultation on the We See You Solutions platform.

Vetel for years has offered RACE-accredited online ultrasound courses to customers, and we are very excited to be adding this to their available education this summer. “This immediate real time assistance is an invaluable tool to any practitioner that wants to grow their skill set in ultrasonography” Dr. James Waldsmith, President of Vetel Diagnostics states “The combination of We See You Solutions live consultation, and our 24/7 online ultrasound education means our veterinary customers are always provided with everything they need in providing quality ultrasound services to their patients and clientele”.

“We could not be more pleased with this new partnership”, quoted Mike Barrett, CEO of We See You Solutions. “Vetel has a long-standing history of providing comprehensive education to its diagnostic imaging customers. We are very pleased to be part of their education team”

About Vetel Diagnostics

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