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What is intelligent imaging?

It is imaging made

Anatomy Aware™  – Metron’s industry exclusive utilization of bioinformatics and neural coding to instantly recognize, image process and apply precision measurement of any radiographic image

Automatic Orientation

Metron 8 with Intelect™ is Anatomy Aware™, meaning it instantly recognizes, orients and crops radiographs to be viewed by the veterinarian.

Automatic Identification

Through bioinformatics and neural coding, Metron 8 with Intelect™ accurately identifies the anatomy in an image.

Automatic Labeling

Images are automatically labeled and precisely measured.

Don’t Blink. Or you’ll miss it.

B&W Stifle

Metron Lumina Image Processing™ – A step ahead in image quality

  • Lumina Image Processing ™ brings a new level of clarity to our loss-less image processing.
  • Four anatomically specific presets designed by veterinary radiologists. No software offers such sophisticated viewing detail.
  • User capability to define additional preset algorithms to suit their individual preferences.
  • Fastest time between boot up and image acquisition; as little as one mouse click to begin taking radiographs.
  • Fully integrated with Windows 10 Pro and scaled to 4K HD resolution, Metron 8’s speed and display outperform the competition.
  • Enhanced user experience with full touchscreen functionality, including automated exposure technique and a positioning guide provided for every image.
  • Reach new levels of precision with a complete orthopedic template kit –  a standard feature of Metron 8.


Metron’s reputation for unparalleled precision and detail remains with a complete suite of modules including full DICOM 3.0, Report Generation, Guided mark ups, Dental Imaging, and much more!


Precision™ Guided mark up wizards for

  • Vertebral Heart Score
  • Norberg Hip Angle
  • TTA
  • TPLO
  • CPLO – Coming soon
  • Equine Foot
Coming Soon – All mark ups will be automated using the Metron 8 Intelect™ Module.

Suture™ – Magnification corrected image stitching

Stitch together multiple images seamlessly.

Magnitude™ Auto Calibration

Metron Calibration is automatic and accurate making it simple to have correct measurements.

Devise™ Veterinary Orthopedic Templating

Metron supports orthopedic templating for multiple hardware types.

Practice Management Software Utility

  • Available for use with Avimark and Cornerstone Softwares

Simplified Work Flow

  • EMS Button – Get Imaging with just one Click
  • New Hanging Protocol Tool

ProgressPak™ package of productivity tools:

  • Voice Clips
  • Web Viewer
  • Report Generation
  • Modality Work List

Metron-World™ Multi language support

Choose your preferred language under General Preferences.

Open Architecture software and PC designs

  • Allowing your DR system PC to serve you in many ways.


  • Fast and simple one click image acquisition – Legal Read on display
  • Vertibral Heart Score, Norberg Hip Angle & TPLO guided mark-up with measurement and scoring
  • Complete dental support including dental charts
  • Includes all DICOM modalities; SEND, RECEIVE, Q/R, PRINT, MWL
  • Able to send images to Metron Web Viewer, iPad or iPhone
  • Seamless integration with Practice Management software
  • Faster image processing algorithms for exceptional image quality
  • Record voice annotations on your images
  • Outstanding report generation, including animal specific templates and magnification corrected measurements
  • Customizable acquisition exam sequences, save time and worflow
  • Technique advisors for small and large animal