EmpowerHD-hi res


  • True Cassette-size: 14” x 17” or 17” x 17.” Will fit into any x-ray table’s bucky tray.  
    • 14” x 17”wireless can be used for table-top imaging, standing views
    • 17” x 17” is cabled for power, so is best in a stationary environment.  Removes the need to swap out and charge batteries. 
    • Both sizes are full field auto-exposure detecting; meaning they will work with any generator.
  • Best image quality on the market with 5 line pairs per millimeter and 100 micron pixel pitch. 
  • Integrates with practice management software.
  • Metron 8 with LuminaTM Image Processing.
  • Vetel AssuranceTM Warranty.
  • Generator-table combinations available – inquire for options and pricing.

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