Metron Advisor™ gets smarter as Vetel Diagnostics announces the addition of Metron Video Helper

San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel group of companies integrates a new element into the Metron ™ software package. This software update introduces the Metron Video Helper, an in-application video instruction series that expands the Metron Advisor utility.

Beginning this Spring Vetel is introducing to the Metron™ software interface Metron Video Helper, a new integrated video training component that will provide access to individual instructional videos that will help the user understand Metron’s™ different imaging utilities in real-time.

The Metron Advisor toolset was developed to ensure that Metron™ software remains helpful and user-friendly for both current and future users. Recently there has been rapid development of Metron™ and the Intellect Module, Metron’s AI component. The Metron Video Helper ensures users will never miss a step in their workflow when future software updates are released.

The Metron Video Helper is a small portion of the blueprint Vetel has prepared for the evolution of Metron™ software. Metron™ will continue advancing to effectively automate and assist a veterinarian’s workflow, efficiency, and digital imaging skillset.

Video Helper Screenshot

1. When the Help Button is selected, “?” icons are displayed.

2. Clicking on the “?” icons will activate the Help System window for that feature.

3. A new window will open with the “What” and “How” buttons to launch the corresponding instructional video(s).

Metron Video Helper
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Vetel maintains a perpetual drive to harness the digital world for the veterinarian. Vetel combines the state-of-the-art Metron AI-enhanced imaging technology, premium imaging hardware, and unsurpassed customer support to offer simplicity, reliability, and precision to the veterinary practitioner. For full product offerings visit the Vetel product page.