Announcing partnership between Vetel Diagnostics and Nucleus, source of the NeoVet Shock Wave System

San Luis Obispo, California – Dedicated to equine health and wellness, Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel Group of Companies announce their recent partnership with Nucleus. Leading innovators of the first shock wave therapy technology designed specifically for equine veterinarians.

Understanding the needs of veterinary practitioners and their patients has been a priority of Vetel Diagnostics since 1999. Vetel’s therapeutic product offerings are advancing again with the addition of Nucleus’s NeoVet shock wave equine therapy system. The NeoVET 2.0 is the first shock wave system to be designed specifically for equines and not as an adaptation of human medical devices.

The NeoVET 2.0 is the best shock wave therapy for available for the veterinary industry, featuring the latest design in therapy heads. Built from 20 years of equine veterinary industry experience, the NeoVet 2.0 provides broader shock wave transmission which improves efficiency. A shock wave device is a well-documented modality with proven results in producing pain relief and increased blood flow. More recently it has also been shown to enhance the animal’s response to regenerative therapies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells.

Dr. James Waldsmith, the president of Vetel is very enthusiastic about the addition of Nucleus as a business partner. Waldsmith recognizes the need for availability of proven physical therapy modalities for equine veterinary practitioners. “[Vetel] looks forward to providing the NeoVET 2.0 shock wave system to more and more equine veterinarians. The NeoVET 2.0 system is a great value in both enhanced patient outcomes as well as affordability. We see it as one more tool the veterinary practitioner has with which to treat musculoskeletal injuries our imaging devices help diagnose.”

Nucleus’ CEO, Dr. Jens Stabler, spoke to this partnership as well, “Working together with Vetel is a natural fit. Both companies are private, independently owned and not beholden to quarterly SEC filings or venture capitalists. We share the belief that we only thrive if we truly serve the customer. Our shared commitment is to always put customers first and to provide tools and training that bring value to the practice of veterinary medicine. We could not have found a better partner.”

About Vetel Diagnostics and Nucleus

Born from the need to bring quality and value to veterinary diagnostics, Vetel maintains a perpetual drive to harness the digital world for the veterinarian. Combining the state of the art in imaging technology with the Metron™ AI-enhanced software platform, and dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support, Vetel delivers simplicity, reliability, and precision to the daily lives of the veterinary practitioner. For full product offerings, click here.

Nucleus has been known and respected for the innovative products they have introduced to the veterinary industry for 20 years. They are best known for their contribution to the shock wave therapy market. The NeoVet engineers continue to produce outstanding results by focusing on providing safe, clinically effective treatments for equine health. To find out more about equine shock wave therapy and the NeoVet shock wave system, visit their website.