Poskom Generators

The VET-20BT Hybrid Battery Portable is the lightest, most compact hybrid battery powered generator and the most advanced portable x-ray unit in the radiology market today. It is newly designed with innovative micro engineering and battery technology for equine veterinarians, weighs less than 15 lbs and has a dual laser that focuses on the center of x-ray film at 26” preset SID. VET-20BT is the lightestsmartest and most durable X-ray unit in the portable market.



PXM-20 BT & PXM-40BT are the most compact and lightweight battery-powered, cordless, portable x-ray units in the medical market today. Utilizing revolutionary micro technology and a powerful lithium-ion battery, the PXM-BT portables deliver power up to 3000 mAs without recharging the battery. No external power source is required for producing the radiographic images. PXM-BT generators are designed with state-of-the-art microprocessor controls and PROM memory for preset APR programming, battery-status readouts and mAs energy-level displays including the dual laser collimator.

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