ultrasound phantom

How to make an Ultrasound Phantom

A DIY Ultrasound Phantom Video Guide Do you want to test the functions of your new ultrasound system? Practice your image technique from the comfort of your own home? Maybe you are mentoring a student in ultrasound techniques and need a clever, easy, low-cost tool to support your instruction. A DIY ultrasound phantom is a great solution to all of those problems and others. It’s easy to make, easy to use, and most ingredients in the recipe you can find in your kitchen. Ultrasound [...]


How can I use the Section 179 Tax Deduction on Vetel Equipment?

The Section 179 tax deduction is a significant way to save money at your veterinary practice. You can deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during that tax year. Most Vetel Diagnostics equipment — including digital radiography systems, ultrasound systems, endoscopy, and digital dental systems — qualifies for this tax deduction, which allows you to write off up to $1,040,000 on assets costing up to $2,590,000. The U.S. government wants to motivate veterinary practices to buy equipment. [...]


4 Ways to Re-engage Your Staff

  by Kristin Youngberg, Vetel Diagnostics When I was working as a veterinary technician, I experienced the unhealthy work environment that can blight a practice from cramming underpaid, overworked staff members into a small, high-stress and fast-paced office. The demand to produce quick and efficient work was a priority over quality and empathy. Many of my coworkers were nearing burnout and had lost the compassionate spark for animals that had brought them into the profession in the first place. I remember [...]