Excellence, Ruggedized.
Introducing Digital radiography as Resilient as you.

Introducing the Enduro Ruggedized: Premium DR for the active veterinarian. As the industry’s only panel warrantied to withstand a drop as large as One meter, coupled with the fortified but lightweight Panasonic Toughbook® 54, the Enduro Ruggedized is the only truly ruggedized system on the market. System available with either a 10″x12″ panel or 14″x17″ panel or both!


  • Total system weighs under 10lbs
  • Light Speed Imaging™ 2.5 second acquisition
  • One-button patient setup in EMS
  • Full Field AED – no exposure lag
  • Works with any x-ray generator
  • Completely cable-free



  • One meter drop test guarantee
  • Hyper-Power™ charge – 8 hour battery
  • 100 ft. wireless range



  • NEW Metron 8 Lumina Image Processing™ – A step ahead in work flow and image quality
  • Web viewer with voice clips
  • Unlimited viewing station software

Functionality of the 2430EZ is wonderful! Allows each of our Doctors to set their own personal preferences – which makes everyone happy.

I have been extremely happy with Tech Support. Integrity is an important consideration for us when choosing our partners in
business. We have complete trust in the Vetel organization.

Dr. Paul McClellanSan Dieguito Equine Group, San Marcos, CA